Graphic Design

Graphic Design

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Logo Design

First impressions are critical to the success of any business. This professional image must be maintained through consistent branding.


Your logo, must portray your business in a way that can be easily transferable to many types of marketing material with ease.


Corporate Identity

A company’s brand is an integral component of its communication with the world. In competitive markets, it is always companies with a strong, consistent and unified visual image which attract and retain their customers. A Corporate Identity can be a professional graphic design of a new logo design for your business or it can be a full Corporate Branding, encompassing Business Card Design, Letterheads, stationery, etc.


Image has both strength and power. A polished business image, that is, your stationery, is often the first thing people have to judge you by. If you want them to be impressed about you, then be impressive.


I can provide an image that is fresh and innovative, providing a polished impression that will communicate a positive message to your potential customers or clients.


Print Media

All your print media needs Consider: brochures, postcards, flyers, Newsletters, posters, magazines and catalogues that are designed to be eye catching, unique and memorable.


Having a well designed flyer or brochure for your business is highly beneficial. With a business focus the finished article will not only look great, it will generate business.



I discovered a passion for digital art when I returned to study as an adult. I love the textures and colours you can create. This delight in texture and colour inspired my new love affair with paint.


I often use mixed media in both my digital and acrylic work. There are so many wonderful ways to enhance work with textural products bought and found!


I am largely inspired by nature, but also meditation. I often find an image will spring to mind while I am quietly meditating. Sometimes the work created will reflect this.